News of Syria 24.01.2012

VIDEO: BabTedmur in #Homs :whole building destroyed over its residents’ heads.One of them saying it’s inhibited by +14:

#Hama Talal Saraqebi was killed by sec forces fire while they were raiding Bab Qabli and Jarajmeh areas The martyr is from Bayad area

Hasakeh sec forces and thugs attacked peaceful demonstrators in the Ghouran area with smoke bombs and detained several activists

Raqqa Aayoueh A security checkpoint was erected near the Badiya Village that participated in its first demo yesterday

#Lattakia A security patrol of 5 cars arrest a young man and the School of Arts after searching his private cell phone

Despite bloody crackdown by #Assad &massacre today we-people of #Homs -continue 2 take streets asking 4 freedom i just joined one#Syria

Very graphic. No comment. Karm al-Zaitoun, Homs, today :

#FuckAssad should be trending right now. The amount of Syrians that have been killed this week is very heartbreaking 🙁

60 dead today in Syria. 41 in Homs. 5 in Hama. 4 in Daraa. 2 in Idlib. One each in Douma, Damascus and Raqqa

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