‘Jewish state’ is euphemism for Jewish fascism

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Palestine   

Benyamin Netanyahu, the notorious liar-prime minister of the apartheid Zionist regime, has been regurgitating his characteristic racist venom of late. He has been quoted as saying that the root-cause of the Palestinian question is “the persistent Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state.”

Speaking at a synagogue in the Netherlands during a recent visit during which he reportedly discussed “mounting international hostility to Israel,” Netanyahu argued that Israel was a “beleaguered democracy, confronting great threats and challenges.

“There are those who cast Israel as a pariah state every time we exercise the inherent right of self defense.”

Well, for those people who are closely aware of the basic realities of the Israeli-Palestinian situation, Netanyahu’s words are tantamount to fornicating with words and truth.

The fact that Netanyahu’s mendacious words find their way to publication in the media doesn’t alter this fact. A publicized  big lie is still a big lie, even if and when uttered and repeated by famous people.

The truth of the matter is that Israel is a huge crime against humanity, a thoroughly deformed entity that is based on genocidal ethnic cleansing, brash racism, sheer brutality, oppression and mendacity. It is a psychotic country that views every conceivable crime and violation of international laws and norms as “legitimate self-defense.”

Take for example the incessant demand that Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state. One would get a cacophony of answers as to the exact meaning of a “Jewish state” depending on whom you ask.

However, it is amply clear that the most credible and authentic  answer one would get is that a  Jewish state is one that rules according to  Halacha, or  Jewish religious laws as codified in the Talmud.

Hence, it would be a  mockery of language and  an insult to common sense to claim that Israel can be both a democratic and Jewish state.

The two are simply an eternal oxymoron since one constitutes  the anti-thesis of the other.

One of the most fundamental aspects of democracy is that all citizens, irrespective of their races, sexes, ad faiths, are treated equally under the law. However, according to halacha,  non-Jews living under Jewish religious law are viewed as water carriers and wood hewers. In other words, full-fledged slaves.

Often  ignorant and naïve westerners don’t always fully understand this matter and may be prompted to view Jewish racism even in an anecdotal manner. However, one should always be  unflinching  in viewing facts as facts, and Jewish racism, with all its ugly and virulent manifestations, is a  solid fact of life  that only people who lack intellectual honesty would deny or downplay.

Some Israeli apologists would strive to argue that Talmudic laws, which establish inherent and intrinsic superiority of Jews over non-Jews, can be moderated to give a semblance of justice to Gentile citizens of the state.

However, it is clear that such an argument is a tendentious evasive tactic at best and a deliberate and malicious lie at worst.

In  fact, Israel is already applying the spirit if not the letter of Talmudic laws in many spheres against non-Jews in both ” Israel” and the “occupied territories.”

Indeed, whether we are talking about budgets for local councils, water allocation, and basic treatment before courts, citizenship laws, or any other conceivable aspect of life, institutionalized discrimination and racism against non-Jews is the modus operandi of that treatment.

In short, non-Jews can’t find equality or justice in a Zionist let alone a Jewish state.

Today, Israel is drifting into a convulsive mood of religious fascism and right-wing secular jingoism. The alliance between these two conspicuous trends in Israel puts Israel in a situation resembling Germany in the late 1920s and 1930s whereby blatant and violent racism is the prevalent model.

When invoking the German-Nazi paradigm, we have to keep in mind that the holocaust didn’t start with Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Bergen Belsen but with something that was ostensibly much less nefarious, like for example the anti-Jewish Nuremberg laws, Mien Kampf and the virulent Nazi indoctrination, e.g. the Hitler Youth organization. Kristalnacht, which occurred in November, 1938, was a delayed effect of a cause that had evolved steadily and gradually throughout Nazi Germany.

We can easily draw many genuine similarities between Nazi Germany, especially in the 10-15 years leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War, and Israel today, especially under the current premiership of Netanyahu.

This week, the Israeli and foreign media reported that Israel has effectively expelled as many as 10,000 Palestinian children form East Jerusalem because one of their parents didn’t possess residency rights in the occupied Arab town.

No similar or even remotely similar action has been taken against Jews. This means that draconian and highly vindictive measures, such as violent ethnic cleansing, are reserved for non-Jews in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories just as was the case in German prior to the holocaust.

In addition to that, Israel is beginning to apply brashly discriminatory laws against whoever wishing to obtain the Israeli citizenship. According to one law, approved by the Knesset and government last year, anyone seeking the Israeli citizenship would have to recognize that Israel is a Jewish state and that non-Jews can’t hope for equal rights and treatment.

But the said law can actually lead to much harsher ramifications and repercussions not sufficiently expressed in its rather euphemistic wording.

The law can enable law-enforcing authorities to harass, evict and even deport a Gentile, e.g. Arab citizen.  Some Jewish religious authorities have already produced Talmudic interpretations that would allow a Jew to even murder a Gentile in order to extract his or her organ if the Jew needed one.

It is true such morbid and sickening ideas are not widespread among the religious elite in Israel. But it is also true that equally nefarious practices and beliefs are condoned and readily accepted by Talmudic sages who are wielding excessive political power in the Jewish state, including the army.

Take for example, Ovadia Yosef, the charismatic spiritual leader of the Haredi party, Shas.

Last year, this man was quoted as saying during a Sabbath homily in West Jerusalem that non-Jews, whether Muslim or Christian or even Hindu were actually beasts of burden, such as donkeys, whom the Almighty created solely to serve Jews, the master race, the chosen people. His comments raised no eyebrows among the religious or political establishments in Israel. Those few people who criticized him did so on the ground that his offensive statements constituted a public relations disaster. But virtually none, rabbis or otherwise, disputed the halachic validity of Yosef’s utterances.

Yosef is not a marginal figure in Israel. He commands the allegiance of hundreds of thousands of ultra-fundamentalist Jews. He is also the undisputed guru of the Shas party, an ultimate kingmaker in the Israeli government and Knesset. The current Israeli minister of interior Eli Yeshai is answerable to Yosef.

It is really sad and dangerous when we see much of the international community pays little attention to Jewish fascism, and instead pay disproportionate attention to fragmentary incidents of Muslim extremism.

Yes, all kinds and forms of extremism must be dealt with, mainly by examining and treating underlying causes and often legitimate grievances. However, the often pornographic hypocrisy of giving Israel a virtual carte blanche to practice apartheid and fascism against a helpless people while exerting unrelenting pressures on Muslims will not solve any problem. On the contrary, it would confound and complicate existing problems.

Israel’s days of infamy are too many to count, and no amount of America’s criminal connivance with the Jewish state can obliterate this fact.

But the worst is yet to come as Israel is sealing the door to any dignified peace settlement with the Palestinians by making the establishment of a viable Palestinian state virtually impossible.

In conclusion, Israel today is Nazi Germany of yesterday. The tools and ideas are strikingly similar. In Germany, they had the master race mantra, and in Israel they invoke the Chosen People in order to arrogate the rights of non-Jews.

In Germany, they had the lebensraum (breathing space) and in Israel they keep talking about Erez Yisrael hashlema or Greater land of Israel.

In Germany, the main tool of attaining hegemony was military force. The same thing is being done in Israel where military might, not justice, is what makes things right or wrong.

I know that the Jewish clout in America and Europe makes it hard for a popular uprising against the Nazis of our time. However, the world, including the United States, Israel’s guardian-ally, would suffer disastrously if it didn’t move, sooner than later, to stem the tide of Jewish Nazism.

(mwcnews.net / 21.01.2012)

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