News from Syria 17.01.2012

(01-17-12) Al-Quriya | Deir ez-Zor | Assad Forces and Tanks in City

(01-17-12) Al-Qusayr | #Homs | Father of Martyr Muhammad Hamza Cries for Son

Attack is planned tommorow by Assad forces on Baba Amr. Let’s hope the FSA can withstand the attack and Baba Amr can remain free

Syria ready to let monitors stay, rebel seeks U.N. action

Must go now. Still have problems with internet and electricity supply. Might last 1 week or more. Bye.

Funny sign in Kafranbel today. Love Assad’s fishnet stockings. 🙂

It’s also in Damascus district, so this is happening in the heart of Syria. FSA is in full control.

Zabadani is in a really bad location defence-wise as it surrounded by hills, so the FSA is doing an excellent job.

I’m only online for about 2 mins, but pay attention to what’s going on in Zabadani, it’s amazing how the FSA has managed to resist attacks.

#Idlib Jabal Zawyeh Heavy shooting from heavy machine-guns an random shelling on houses in Ibleen village by security and military forces

#Lattakia A night demo went out in Raml Janoobi area chanting and condemning the work of Arab League observers

(01-17-2012) Zabadani | #Damascus | Free Syria Army destroys 3 tanks belonging to Assad forces

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