Egypt’s Revolution, the Military Council and Islamic wave!!!

before 11.2.11 the Egyptian citizen had one enemy, it was Mubarak. Now Egypt has two main enemies, who have enough reason to defeat the Revolution and that’s why both of them are supported by the West.

-. The Military Council with its 18 members who promised to protect the Revolution, and to hand over the power to a civil government in a time of six month, now we are over ten month since Mubarak has been toppled, and there is no hope that they will do it unless they are forced.

“CAIRO — Former President Jimmy Carter said Wednesday that after meeting with Egypt’s military rulers he doubted they would fully submit to the authority of the civilian democracy they had promised to install. “ ‘Full civilian control’ is a little excessive, I think,” Mr. Carter said, after describing a meeting he had Tuesday with Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, leader of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, or SCAF. “I don’t think the SCAF is going to turn over full responsibility to the civilian government. There are going to be some privileges of the military that would probably be protected.”

and now we see the results of the nasty game they played with the elections, which was not fair at all
-. over 9 million false votes, evidence that one name with the same national nr. has voted about 11 time. 9 million is about 10% of the Egyptian population, and over 17% of the persons that participated in voting

-. an example, an older Lady was asked from her son after she voted: „for whom did you vote“ her answer was for nobody I crossed all the names, son asked „so why did you vote“ she said in order not to pay a penalty. So they tried to force the people to elections

-.Article IV of the Constitutional Declaration say: «Formation is forbidden to exercise any political activity or to establish political parties based on religion» .. The Military Council violated the constitutional declaration and got his alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafists, and left them the chance to commit all the irregularities in the elections
in the last 10 month the SCAF have killed, detain, and they desecrated the Egyptians, could this be the base for democracy? Or is it in order not to let the democracy rule Egypt

they call the Tahrir protesters „Thugs“ what is not right, this video show us where the thugs come from  . This youth are those who see the truth and the reality of Tantawi and his gang

The famous statement of Karl Marx „religion is the opium of the people“. and this is the reason that all the supporters of Mubarak and his System, start to change their strategy, and use the Religion „Islam“. This is in my opinion, the main reason why we got this this Islamic wave success in Egypt, yes the Muslim Brotherhood are the best organized group in Egypt they have suffered a lot under Mubarak and they are the new hope in Egypt.
Then we have the Salafis which are supported from Saudi with its false Islam, which would destroy Egypt.
This two groups which have took the side of the Military council against the Revolution under the name of the Religion.
This Islamic groups in order to get a little power they started to do agreements with the enemy of a democratic Egypt.
those religious groups have only one thing common with the religion its the name.
They make deals with the Devil in order of their intrest, they accept killing civil egyptian, this is not Islam

-. „CAIRO — Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s most powerful political force, say they want to offer the country’s ruling generals immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes committed since they took power in February, an attempt to ensure that the military returns to its barracks and allows a peaceful transition to democratic rule.“

-. „«Catherine Ashton» to the EU in the ongoing dialogue for more than 10 months with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis and that the meetings took place in London, Paris, Germany, Brussels, Turkey and other countries, Europe between the representatives of EU countries with representatives from the two groups.“

-. „CAIRO — Egypt’s reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei has withdrawn from the presidential race, saying a fair election is impossible under the military’s grip nearly a year after Hosni Mubarak’s ouster. Many fear that the ruling generals will push through a candidate of their own to preserve their power.“

Grand Imam said Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al Azhar, «the right of peoples out peaceful if the ruler was corrupt and unjust».

He said that «the Sunnah legalized peaceful demonstration to confront injustice if the ruler did not listen to the advice of the parish».

He said in his speech on his behalf by his advisor, Dr. Hassan El Shafei at the opening of the Conference «Sunnah between reality and expectations», organized by the Thesaurus, Sunday: «Islam rejects injustice in all its forms, and allows to address him and the rulers of the oppressors, provided they do not take up arms so as not to lead to the outbreak of civil wars, which are presented to the trial of major difficult to control ».

The Sheikh of Al Azhar rejected calls from calling themselves «Quranists» and claim to rely on the Holy Quran only and ignore the Sunnah of the Prophet, saying: «words contrary to the Word of God in the Holy Koran .. (Who obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah) », he said, adding:« We must expose those who say they follow only the Quran, because the Sunnah of the Prophet were shown and explaining what is in the Koran, and can never be ignored in any case »

what is your opinion now ???

( / 15.01.2012)

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