News from Syria 08.01.2012

24 #Damascus Kanaker death of Ayman Sulaiman Zeina 24 years old after being ran over with a security car this morning

#Idlib The Schools’ Strike in Kafar Yahmol in compliance with the Dignity Strike

#Damascus Madaya Intensive shooting in the Boraq Mosque area and an anti-regime demo just started in the town

#Hama Heavy gunfire coming from two cars and sec. forces on motorcycles in al-Khatab area.

#Daraa Massive demo in Kherbet Ghazalah

#Damascus Zabadany death of Haytham Al-Zein And Ali Mustafa Burhan as a result of direct shooting be the regime’s army

#Homs Qusair death of Saif Al-Dein Al-Zohory after being targeted with sniper’s gunfire who are stationed at the National Hospital

#DeirEzzor death of Osama Khalaf Al-Ayed from the Tayyana town by security members’ gunfire

#Idlib Hass Funeral of martyr Hass Al-Daeef who died in the explosion in Al-Midan in a demo chanting for toppling the regime

#Aleppo : Maree: A demonstration started in solidarity with the Free army and against the Arab League observers.

A 13 year old boy was killed by security forces in Deir Balba, Homs this morning. His name is Ady Sawan. #Homs #Syria #BasharCrimes

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