Palestine raps US blind support of Israel

Palestine’s Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour
Palestine’s Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour has criticized the US for its all-out support of Israel, saying Washington does not allow the UN Security Council (UNSC) to fulfill its duties.

Mansour made the remarks on Friday after presenting a four-page letter to South Africa’s Ambassador to the UN Baso Sangqu, who holds the rotating UNSC presidency for January.

“In that letter, we documented the crimes committed by the occupying authority against our people in the occupied territory, including the terrorist activities by the (Jewish) settlers against our civilian population in the occupied territory, especially in the occupied East [al-Quds] Jerusalem,” Mansour said.

The Palestinian diplomat stressed that the “blind support” of the US for Tel Aviv’s illegal activities compounds the problems of the Palestinian people.

He also called for a briefing at the 15-nation UNSC on the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Mansour added that the Palestinians will go ahead with new initiatives to gain UN membership despite a US threat to veto such a move.

In September 2011, acting Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas officially submitted his bid for the UN recognition of a Palestinian state to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The US and Israel objected to the move and Washington threatened to veto the bid.

“Are we giving up because there is one powerful country that has a veto power saying the Security Council should not be involved? We’re not giving up,” Mansour said, hinting at the United States. “So now we’re coming up with these new creative ideas,” he added, without elaborating.

Last month, the US also threatened to veto a UNSC draft resolution condemning the settlement activities of Israel in the Palestinian lands.

However, several members of the council lashed out at Israel’s increased settlement construction in the Palestinian territories and escalating attacks by the settlers on Palestinians.

We are “dismayed by these wholly negative developments” and the threat the activities pose to the regional peace, said Britain, France, Germany and Portugal in a joint statement after a UNSC meeting on the Middle East conflict on December 20.

( / 07.01.2012)

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