News from Syria 03.01.2012

Hama – 1982 The city was shelled for 27 days by heavy artillery. Sections were completely flattened and remain empty to this day.

Hama – 1982 Tanks and machine-guns were stationed on the ends of the tunnels to kill whoever attempted to escape. Over 40,000 died in the massacre.

Hama – 1982 Families ran into underground tunnels to hide from the shelling. The government pumped burning fuel into the tunnels.

Hama – 1982 Entire families were executed in Hama. They would be lined up and shot by Assad forces

Hama – 1982 Pictures from Assad’s genocide in Hama 1982 – Every Syrian knows what happened

(01.03.2012) Tseil | Daraa | Freedom protests continue across the country

IMPORTANT: Deir Ezzor: The regime’s thugs are raiding Al-Qoriya town to fabricate a pro-regime demonstration there.

@ArabSpringFF #DeirEzzor The regime’s thugs are raiding Al-Qoriya town to fabricate pro-regime demo there

The total number of civilians killed today by Assad forces is now up to 22. #Syria

Mahmoud Al-Shamy is the first casualty in 2012. He is from Hama. 12-4-1993 – 01-01-201

Idlib : traces of torture on the body of the military martyr Khaled Mahmoud Al-Zeer who tried to defect after refusing to shoot on demonstrators in Homs

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