News from Syria 02.01.2012

Arab League head Nabil El-Araby says military has withdrawn from #Syria cities, snipers still a threat: Reuters

Homs: Abdulkareem Darweesh was murdered under torture by security and Shabiha forces after being kidnapped for Bar Hospital in Baba Amr neighborhood when he was injured. His body was delivered to his family today

Homs: Sounds of explosions and shooting were heard from Baba Amr neighborhood and sounds of shooting are also heard from Dablan. Security forces are closing the the road at Abo Mozeh roundabout, the road to the center, and at the traffic light of the ministry of Education. Reports on the presence of the Arab League observers Committee in front of the Political Security branch, accompanied by large numbers of security personnel

Lattakia: Security forces storms a building in Al-Ashrafiya neighborhood near the Big Mosque and lunches a wave of arrests

Large independence flag flying over Bab Sbaa in Homs. Assad is too powerless to remove it. Another free section of Homs

Weather forecast for Arab cities this morning. Sunny in Cairo and Tunis, raning in Sanaa and raining bombs in Homs.

Commanders of the Farouk Battalion of the FSA in Homs. They have pushed back countless assaults by Assad on Baba Amro

Idlib city this morning. The independence flag flies high in the city, over buildings and houses and painted on walls.

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A massive protest started after the funeral of the martyr Tayseer Habeeb from Al-Fares mosque and is going now to Al-Basel Sq. after reports that the Arab League observers are present there. The residents raised the Independence Flag for the second time in the city center and another one in front of Daraya Girls High School. At least two causalities are reported after clashes between security forces and the funeral to prevent it from turning into a protest. Helicopters were seen flying above the city

Homs: Rastan: The observers Committee visited only the cement factory and they didn’t enter the city to see the conditions on the ground. They headed towards Hama and subsequently a demonstration started in Rastan and it was heavily shot at by security forces

Local Coordination Committees in Syria. Two martyrs fell so far in Syria. One martyr in both Homs and Masyaf

Homs: TalKalakh: The bid farewell for two martyrdoms: Khalid Marjan and Monther Hamadi started after noon prayer with extensive security spread. Snipers are stationed on tops of high buildings

Homs: Young Abdul Rahman Sharqiya was martyred by three bullets in the head from shooting by security forces at Bayada roundabout

Daraa: Yadoda: The observers committee entered the town accompanied by a large number of security and Shabiha units

Damascus: A morning demonstration in Kafarsouseh in support of Daraya

#Hama – Shooting at the Arab observers Comittee in Hamidieh neighborhood

Idlib: Binnish: A demonstration in wait for the observers

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