News from Syria 02.01.2012 II

Idlib: Extensive gunfire in the city from Al-Malaab roundabout near the Army’s popular center

Raqqa: A nighttime demonstration started in solidarity with Homs and the besieged cities at the old Raqqa wall, the demonstrators chanted for freedom and demanded the toppling of the regime. The numbers of demonstrators are increasing

Daraa : Al-Lajat: dense low-altitude fly-bys by military planes among fears of bombing the area

Daraa: Tafas: Security forces and the army are storming the Southern neighborhood of the city enforced with tanks

Hama: a massive demonstration has started from the Saad Bin Mouath mosque in Al-Faraya neighborhood. The protesters called for the regime’s ouster

Homs: Martyrdom of Madeen Ibrahim Al-Halaby in Baba Amr neighborhood

Homs: Rastan: the revolutionists have taken back Freedom Square while the army spreads

Deir Ezzor: A demonstration started from Aisha mosque in Hamidieh neighborhood in solidarity with Homs and the stricken cities, the demonstrators are calling for the execution of the regime

Damascus Suburbs: Adra: The Arab observers are visiting Adra’s Central Prison, after the name of the Political wing and the cards of the prisoners were changed to fake names of unknown people, who are believed to be security units who met the observers as political detainees

Homs: Khaldieh: A woman was injured by a sniper’s bullet

Damascus Suburbs: Shefonia: Mohammad Khaled Jamos, in his sixties, was martyred by the bullets of security forces and Shabiha, who stormed the village and destroyed and looted the shops to break the Dignity strike, while the people continue demonstrating against the regime’s practices

Up until now, the number of martyrs today increased to 15 including a female child. Ten martyrs in Homs, 2 in Idlib ” Jabal Al-Zawiyah & Saraqeb, 2 martyrs in Damascus Suburbs “Daraya and Shefonieh” and a martyr in Misyaf

Daraa: Harra: After the clashes last night, a curfew has been imposed in the vicinity of Khoule Bint Azwar Mosque. Army and security reinforcements have arrived to the Army checkpoint with heavy machine guns

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