News from Syria 01.01.12

#Syria‘s independence flag was present in #Egyt‘s New Year’s ever celebrations in #Tahrir square #Cairo

Daraa: Yadoudeh: There is an electricity blackout in the whole region, including the surrounding villages

Daraa: Harra: A massive demonstration is taking place in the north and west of the city, and is headed towards the center. Protesters are chanting for freedom and for the regime’s ouster this year

Hama: Security forces arrest anyone who tries to reach the Al-Jab Roundabout area, where four Arab League observers are stationing. Whoever does succeed in reaching the observers is arrested immediately after their meeting with the observers

(01-01-12) Bab Sba’a | #Homs | This is a Revolution of Freedom and Honor, We Will Continu

(12-30-11) #Hama | Public Parks Have Become Graveyards for Martyrs

Teir Ma’ala | #Homs | (GRAPHIC) Unknown Man Murdered and Thrown in Al-Assi Rive

Damascus Suburbs: Mouadamiyeh: An Arab League observer validates that there are no armed protesters in the area

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: Heavy gunfire near the police station, the Shariyeh High School, and the Khowlani Mosque. Protesters respond by throwing rocks amid widespread security and shabhia near the police station

Damascus Suburbs: Daraya: A demonstration started on Al-Thawra Street after news was leaked that the Arab League observers had arrived in Daraya, but was dispersed by security forces’ gunfire and sound bombs

Hama: Khattab: Siraj Al-Din Al-Qasem, 7, was martyred due to security forces’ bullets when they opened fire on his parents’ car

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