News from Palestine 27.12.2011

Breaking Update: 3 injuries arrived Kamal Odwan hospital after #Gaza explosion! 1 in critical state! #GazaWar3

CORRECTION: News reports corrects previous information: Only 1 was murdered! #Gaza

#GazaWar3 Commoration Day | Israel assassinated Abdullah El Talbani and Hesham Abu Oda. Others wounded in #Gaza

the name of the martyr is Abdullah El Talbani he’s one of the Al-Quds Brigades Elements 🙁 RIP #Gaza

RT @palyouthvoice: BREAKING: toll raised to 2 murdered and 2 injured by #Israel‘s attack on #Gaza now!

Breaking Update: 1 of the martyrs is identified : Abdullah Al Telbani, in his twenties! May he R.I.P.! #Gaza #GazaWar3

Breaking Update: Ya Allah 🙁 1 of the martyrs reached the hospital completely burned! they cant identify him 🙁 #Gaza #GazaWar3

Breaking Update: 2 killed & several injured in #Gaza explosion a little while ago #GazaWar3

Hesham Abu Oda, 20, was just killed by israel. Truce or no truce. Israel wants to continue killing Us. PERIOD. #gaza

#Gazawar3 the Zionists have attacked Gaza again today. People were killed. Number not sure yet.

BREAKING: The raid targeted a vehicle near Abu Sharkh circle in Saftawi Street North of #Gaza city: 1 murdered 3 injured

Palestinians mark Gaza War Anniversary AS israel bombs and murders again today #GazaWar3

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