Local Council Elections due on Monday with 42889 Candidates across Provinces


PROVINCES, (SANA)- 42889 candidates compete for 17588 seats at 1337 administrative units, including 154 cities, 502 towns and 681 municipalities, in the framework of the Local Council Elections, scheduled on Monday in all the provinces.

The number of the electoral centers is 9849, two ballot boxes in each, where electors vote for their candidates for the administrative unit, and an election committee consisting of a head and two members supervises the process.

The Interior Ministry distributed bottles of invisible ink to prevent fraud and ensure the honesty of elections.

Assistant Interior Minister for Civil Affairs, Hassan Jalali, said in a statement to SANA that the electors will be using the identity card for voting, according to Decree No. 125 for 2011 for those who are 18 years of age and above.

The candidates’ personal data indicates an increase in the number of the holders of university and higher education certificates among the candidates in all provinces compared to former elections.

In Damascus Countryside, the number of candidates reached 4138 competing for 1927 seats, and the electoral centers are 703.

The number of candidates in Damascus is 425 competing for 100 seats, while the number of electoral centers is 585.

In Aleppo, the number of candidates reached 7805 competing for 2283 seats. The number of electoral centers is 818 in the city of Aleppo and 1202 in its countryside.

The province’s data indicate that 1286 candidates hold university certificates, MAs and PhDs.

In Quneitra Province, 812 candidates, 262 holding university certificates, are running the elections to win 330 seats.

In Hama, 3667 candidates are to compete for 1997 seats, more than 55% of whom are holders of university or intermediate institutes certificates.

In Tartous, the number of candidates are 3107 competing for 950 seats.

In Sweida, 1603 candidates, half of them hold university certificates, are participating through 302 electoral centers to win 645 seats.

In Lattakia, 3440 candidates are participating in the elections through 846 electoral centers.

In Daraa, the number of candidates reached 1873, with 410 electoral centers and 1043 seats.

In Homs, 3500 candidates are running the elections through 611 electoral centers to win the 1496 seats allocated to the province.

In Raqqa, 2500 candidates are to compete for 487 seats through 459 electoral centers.

Deir Ezzor has 3314 candidates, 1362 seats and 599 electoral centers.

Candidates in Idleb are 2468 competing for 1907 seats, and the number of electoral centers is 898.

In Hasaka, elections at 850 electoral centers will decide who, out of 4353 candidates, will occupy the 1742 seats.

(www.sana.sy / 10.12.2011)

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