The matter became :Be or not to be !

Children in Gaza wondered                                                          
What to eat??
The food run away !
Also their water was polluted !
So what can they drink ??
Children ask : how to sleep ??
where is my brothers ?
And other friends ??
Where is muuuum??
Layla is shouting :
Where is my sweet Salma??
She leave her Silky dresses
And closed her eyes !!
Where is peace ? ?
Why ????
I’m a human !!
I want to grow ,I want to learn!
I want to dream
I want to beeeee!!!!
Hey , hear me !
Should I spend my life with eyes filled with tears
I’m the voise of Palestinian child live in Gaza !!
I want a reply !!
Or the matter became :Be or not to be !
Be or not to be !!
I want to be !!

Esraa M Yaseen (Facebook / 09.12.2011)

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