My Words to the West leaders

I as a Muslim, Egyptian, Arab, and African, direct my words to the ruler of the world, who are the real Dictators, those who try to convince every time with new lies

Those who call War against Terror. but forgot that they are the Terrorist

Those who claim the Democracy, but they the real dictators

Those who say they care for the human rights, but they order to kill and human rights violation.

Ever since the west steal the resources, and try to control this area, if its England, France, now the USA and Germany, only they didn’t consider the native of the Arab and African.

This Nation’s will hold on and never give up and will never forget the reason of their disaster…..

-. Palestine 63 years of occupation oppression and human rights violation, and their resistance gets every day stronger.

Stone against bombs, children against a Army.

-. Egypt after over 30 years having control over the country through the traitor Mubarak, they support the new Dictatorship SCAF (not only)

-. Libya the west has started a War killed thousands of civilian, just because Gaddafi was a opponent

those are only some examples, still we have Iraq Iran Afghanistan Pakistan Syria Somalia Lebanon and and and…….

But why we go so far, lets look to the Occupy Action which is getting every day stronger,

isn’t this proof enough that the West failed with its politic

isn’t this proof enough that this USA did never and will never care for the own people.

I think the only think we could learn from this Peoples World Revolution as I call it is: that we normal people want freedom and justice, we want to live our life in peace

no matter how we call the system I guess their time is over, we don’t accept their Lies anymore

( /09.12.2011)

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