Free medical treatment makes Palestinian children smile again

New lease of life

  • 11-year-old Bisan (left) shares a light moment with Maree Ohlin at the Emirates Hospital in Dubai.
Dubai: Oday Al Jamal was only five years old when he was injured in an explosion in Gaza. His right leg had to be amputated below the knee while his left leg was severely damaged. The injuries left deep scars on the child’s personality. He longed to ride his bicycle and play other sports.

The suffering went on for almost seven years, but today with the help of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF), a humanitarian organisation, which brought him from Gaza to Dubai for treatment, Oday is practising walking with his prosthetic leg.

The doctors here have also performed a surgery on his other leg to correct bone alignment.

“I am very happy to get on my bike again, I am also able to swim and walk. I have been going to the Jumeirah beach here,” the 12-year-old said struggling to find words to describe his joy.

Oday is one of the five children who were brought by the UAE chapter of PCRF from Palestine for their treatment in Dubai.

Positive difference

“We were able to locate free medical treatment for these children and carry out the entire process with the help of our patient support team volunteers, organisations that came to provide free treatment and also host families that provided the safe and secure environment of their homes for these children during their stay.

“This year we were able to bring five children and the UAE chapter has helped 51 children so far,” said Eman Odeh Yabroudi, coordinator of the UAE chapter of PCRF.

Medical treatment in Dubai has made a positive difference in the lives of these children. Organisations like Little Wings Foundation and support from volunteers ensured that the entire process was carried out smoothly.

As in the case of two-year-old Lana, whose family was always worried about their daughter who had vision in only one eye and also walked with a limp. She was born with a case of bilateral congenital glaucoma and bilateral hip displacement.

After undergoing a procedure on her hip, her family is relieved that she will be able to walk and grow properly. The doctors also treated her eye.

Normal life

“I have always been concerned about my daughter and I want her to live a normal life and I am hopeful now that she will grow properly,” said Eman, her mother, who was in Dubai with her daughter.

Among the other children who were treated was 11-year-old Bisan, who suffered wounds from explosives in her abdomen and chest.

Plastic reconstructive surgery was performed on her at a local hospital to allow for proper growth in her chest and to remove scar tissue.

Two-year-old Zain was born blind due to a congenital birth defect, had ocular implants that were custom designed for her by specialists at Moorefield.

Hassan, a 14-year-old boy from Gaza, sustained a leg injury from an explosion. The injury caused differences in the comparative length of his legs. His condition was addressed using orthopaedic shoes custom-made for him.

( / 03.12.2011)

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