News of Syria 26.11.2011

Watch out, #Syria – once UK National TV starts quoting activist death toll numbers you’re in worse trouble than you know

Syrian observatory 4HR says 42 people were killed in #Syriatoday,26 civilians including 3 children, 3 defectors & 12 members of security

Free Syrian Army called 4 #BufferZone & #NoFlyZone.What are you waiting for??Support their call..#FSA putting their lives on the line 4 us.

#AlAssad regime knows that its gonna fall down, but all what it wants to do is to create disturbance and chaos following its falling #syria

#homs now is under fire… #syria

Oh my God. Ynet: #Syria human rights groups report at least 70 dead in clashes between protesters and #Syrian forces over the past 24 hours.

Assad keep on killing cause we have no one to stop him..only force can remove this SOB and stop bloodshed in #Syria #NoFlyZone #BufferZone

The Syrian Revolution General Commission asked LOUD and CLEAR for a #NoFlyZone … Do you remember ?

The Assad’s regime is using tanks & air force to massacre defenseless ppl seeking freedom… Time for #NoFlyZone #Syria #Syrie #Nato4Syria

Syrian FSA “We are determined to liberate our people and to make the regime fall

#syria needs freedom… #homs

I really just can’t grasp why the #Assad regime feels the need to mutilate bodies. The only explanation can be that they have no soul #syria

More about Syria:

SNN | #Syria | Hama:
Summary of Events in Hama province on Saturday, 26 Nov 2011

By the Syrian Revolution General Commission – In Occupied Hama and The Revolution in Hama Archive found at


Martyr and hero, Farouq Abdul-Hamid Al-Rahmoun, from Al-Latamneh, He died under torture, and his body was handed over today.

Rural Hama:

Security forces stormed the towns of Hayalin, Bridij, and Al-Jerniyeh. Earlier in the day, regime forces looted, vandalized, and made arrests in the town of Qalaat Al-Madiaq.
– Kernaz:

As part of the regime’s campaign on northern rural Hama; a tight siege was imposed the town of Kernaz and its surrounding and then it was heavily bombarded today.
– Hayalin town:

The army, security, and Shaibha (regime-sponsored gangs) storm the town for the 4th time in a week, the residents, fearing the savagery of regime forces, are in a state of constant fleeing and displacement.

– Al-Latamneh:

The body of hero and martyr Farouq Abdul-Rahim Al-Rahmoun, who died under torture, was handed over today, and his funeral procession was held.

– Hama city:

In the early morning hours, there was intensive flight activity by military aircrafts over Hama city. Around 10 AM a small transportation plane landed in the military airport.
There was gunfire in different areas of Hama, including the neighborhoods of Al-Debagha and Aleppo-road, and heavy gunfire at bilal roundabout, along with complete blackout of electricity in the western side neighborhoods of Hama city, including the neighborhoods of Al-Taawoniya, Al-Bayad, and Al-Andalus. Sounds of several explosions were heard.
Still, nighttime demonstrations issued in the neighborhoods of Al-Aliliyat, Al-Qusour, Al-Qebli, and Al-Hamidiya. The chants were in solidarity with rural Hama and Homs, and for freedom, martyrs, and demanding the departure of Al-Assad gang and the execution of Bashar Al-Assad.

Featured Videos:

Security and Shabiha (regime-sponsored gangs) terrorizing the children in Hama city. This video is from 24 Nov 2011

A morning demonstration in Al-Tarmiseh town demanding the overthrowing of the regime, 26 Nov 2011

Army, security, and Shabiha elements in Al-Alamayn St, on 25 Nov 2011

A wonderful nighttime demonstration in Bab Qebli neighborhood in Hama city, chanting for martyrs, freedom, and demanding the overthrowing of the regime, 26 Nov 2011

A nighttime demonstration in Al-Aliliyat neighborhood in Hama city, 26 Nov 2011

A nighttime demonstration in Al-Qusour neighborhood in Hama city, demanding the overthrowing of the regime, 26 Nov 2011

A large nighttime demonstration in Al-Sharqiya neighborhood in Hama city, 26 Nov 2011


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