Palestine today 29.10.2011 IV

Al Aqsa Radio: Breaking: A huge explosion rocks Khan younis now #Gaza

#Gaza is currently being bombed. International Law is non-existent as murder takes place in the besieged open air prison.

Palestinian missile hits building in S. Israel

israeli tanks fire 2 shells north of gaza, #Gaza#palestine#GazaUnderFire

Drones have never buzzed as loud as this before #Gaza

Breaking: Palestinian fighters launch home-made rockets to defend the civilians as Israel kills 7 in less than 12 hours.

Get OUT of that mental trap of distinguishing between ‘Israelis’ and ‘settlers’. Stop fooling urself. ALL Jewish ‘Israelis’ are ‘settlers’.

Islamic Jihad: #Israel‘s forces strike #Gaza training camp, killing 7.

In de laatste 9 uur zijn er in Gaza door Israelische aanvallen al 7 doden en 4 zwaargewonden gevallen. En de aanvallen gaan nog steeds door.

Israel is at “war” with Gaza exactly the way US colonists were at “war” with Native Americans: Invaders who took the land from its people.

Breaking News: Israeli Government to attack Gaza with Full force. Thus,a number of Palestinian civilian victims is expected in few hours.

Breaking News: New Israeli raid target civilian house in Khan Yonis, 1 child wounded so far according to medical staff.

Israeli Army attack Gaza and breach calm. Consequently, 7 Palestinians killed & 20 wounded. The attacks affected lives of many civilians.

Breaking News: Israeli Navy open heavy fire off Gaza shores, northern parts. Civilians are in fear as Israel launch its heavy fire & rockets

BREAKING NEWS | New explosion heard now in Khan Younis! Ambulances rushing to the place! #Gaza

*BREAKING #Now loud explosion shook the western city of #KhanYounis, southern #Gaza Strip #Pray4Gaza

Breaking News: Israeli air force in full operation over Gaza. More than 20 air raids left 7 dead, 20 wounded in less than 12 hours@SkyNews

Breaking News: Israeli air force in full operation over Gaza. More than 20 air raids left 7 dead, 20 wounded in less than 12 hours.

Breaking News: 2 Palestinians killed in Khan Yonis city of Gaza

Rocket from Gaza lands near home in Ashkelon; 1 injured –

Breaking News: Israeli jets bombs east Gaza now…

Ask any question about violence in Palestine, and the answer is inevitably: Zionism. Zionism IS violence. Zionism IS racism.

2 pal martyrs r: Hamed Al Najjar & Osama Abu Sebet. both members of Saraya Al quds armed wing of Islamic Jihad #Gazaboth blown into pieces

Gaza Under Israeli Attacks – Timeline Israeli Military Ops on #Gazaso ALL know who breaks truce every time

Al Quds Radio: 2 martyrs reached Najjar hospital till now, they were blown into pieces! medical sources said! #Gaza #israel via@Omar_Gaza

#PRAY4GAZA 2 martyr’s + injured RT @dimaeleiwa: Israeli sources announced the death of an Israeli due 2 Palestinian rockets launched #Gaza

Konflikte – Weitere Raketen auf Israel – Explosion in Gaza

Two Palestinians killed and critically injured an Israeli shelling east of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip #PRAY4GAZA

the Israeli air strike near a mosque occured Southern Rafah #Gazaleaving 2 martyrs & 1 critical injury till now

Israel bombs the hell out of #Gaza & now they announced closure of#Gaza‘s commercial crossings bcoz of Palestinian rockets!!!!??? confused?

Another Israeli air strike on east of #Rafah ! 1 martyr, 2 injured after being striked near a mosque in Rafah #Gaza

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