Advocacy Groups Condemn Campaign against Released Prisoners

JERUSALEM, October 29, 2011 (WAFA) – Palestinian advocacy groups Saturday condemned what they described as Israeli incitement against released Palestinian prisoners in Jerusalem, according to a press release.

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club (PPC) and the Committee of Families of Jerusalem Prisoners condemned in a joint press release the campaign led by right-wing Israeli fanatic, Aryeh King, who called on Israelis to pursue and locate all prisoners in Jerusalem who were released as part of the October 18 prisoners exchange.

King published a brochure displaying photos and information about the Palestinian prisoners under the title, “Warning: Danger, Terrorist in Town,” said the release.

It said Israeli police and authorities were aware of the campaign but did nothing to stop the extremists, indicating Israeli government compliance in plans to target the released prisoners psychologically and physically.

It held the Israeli government responsible for what might happen to the prisoners and any danger to their lives.

PPC and the families committee called on Egypt, the main coordinator of the prisoners’ deal, to warn the Israeli government of the ramifications of ignoring the extremists’ practices against the released prisoners and urged local and regional organizations, as well as the Palestinian Authority, to protect them.

( / 29.10.2011)

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