EU ‘regrets’ Israeli mosque demolition

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — EU representatives said on Thursday they “regret” Israel’s demolition of a mosque in northern West Bank village Khirbet Yarza, a statement said.

On Tuesday, Head of Al-Malha village council Aref Daraghma told Ma’an that Israeli bulldozers and civil administration officials demolished the mosque, which is less than 60 square meters, and several Bedouin structures.

This is the third time in seven months that the mosque has been demolished, Daraghma said.

The EU missions said that since 2000, Israel has demolished more than 4,800 homes in area C — the 62 percent of the West Bank under full Israeli control.

“The EU calls on Israel to review its policy and planning system in order to allow for the socio-economic development of the Palestinian communities,” the statement said.

( / 14.10.2011)

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