Netherlands: PVV proposes to punish Morocco for not accepting deported Moroccans

PVV parliamentarian Sietse Fritsma suggested to Minister Gerd Leers (Immigration
and asylum) that if Morocco continues to refuse to accept illegal Moroccans
deported from the Netherlands, the Netherlands should not let Moroccan ships and
planes into the country.

The problem with deporting rejected asylum seekers is that their country of origin often refuses to cooperate in their return. Asylum seekers without a passport need new travel papers.

The opposition factions are not taking Fritsma’s idea very seriously. Leers didn’t want to speak about measures against uncooperative countries, but he did say that refusal could have consequences for eventual development cooperation.

Leers did respond favorably to Fritsma’s proposal that a refugee will be forced to sign a document on his arrival stating his country of origin and where he’s going if his asylum request will be rejected.

( / 13.10.2011)

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