Request for suspension of the “Anti-Burqa” law rejected


Belgium-The Constitutional Court rejected the request for the suspension of the “Anti-burqa” law which was introduced by two women wearing the veil verbalized in 2009 and 2011 in Etterbeek and Molenbeek.

The court considers that serious prejudice raised by the applicants has not been demonstrated. “If the applicants are to be prosecuted in criminal court, nothing prevents that during the procedure, they ask the judge to ask a preliminary question to the court”, according to the ruling Wednesday.

Moreover, the judge notes that the applicants accept that “under certain circumstances, exceptions may be made to the expression of their belief”; in his arguments before the court he spoke only to one of the applicants to move face unveiled in some occasions.

Lawyer of the applicants, Ms. Ines Wouters, said she understood the legal reason of the court, but believed that the consequences of the law of June1, 2011, aiming to ban the wearing of any clothing that hided all the body mainly the face, exceeding the legal damages. Therefore, she regrets that the court has not recognized the resinous prejudice suffered by her clients and other women wearing the Burqa.

( / 05.10.2011)

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