Palestine 30.09.2011

Alright @Stavitsinai is safe. Settlers attacked the car she was in, Spat on the windows & threatened to bur the car and flip it upside down

There’s only one word to describe what happened this evening in Anata: lynch

via @justjerusalem some activists are still locked in their cars near #Anatot (settlement) entrance #Anata

URGENT HELP NEEDED! Activists in #Anata are still under attack! a new wave of attack is coming up! PLEASE HELP!

Via @Stavitsinai Settlers organized a Counter-Demo and heading towards activists to attack them again #Anata

Activists are now surrounded by Occupation Police. They threaten to arrest them all #Anata ( via @JustJerusalem)

Settlers celebrate Jewish New Year by “stripping women naked”! #RoshHaShana #terrorism #Palestine #occupation #Anata

We escaped to the road. So much for the police “protecting and serving”. We now need to find transportation back in the middle of nowhere

Activists managed to break the siege on them and they’re on the road middle of nowhere looking for transportation back! #Anata

A Palestinian house (Yassin’s family) is surrounded by  #Anatot settlement and only way to their home is through settlement’s gates #Anata

Israeli Occupation police are watching as the settlers are sexually assaulting woman activists in #Anata

The settlers actually stripped me naked #anatot. trying to calm down. History will bury them and thier evil #apartheid in blood

URGENT CALL FOR HELP: activists are being brutally attacked in Anata’s demonstration, many people are hurt

Settler private security also engaged in violence against the unarmed activists tonight in Anatot

@ibnezra: The camera of the AFP jerusalem photographer has been destroyed by settlers in Anatot” #Jerusalem #Palestine #Israel

Border Police and Settlers are attacking the activists in #Anata , they’re surrounded and they can’t escape. Head there and help them!!!!

URGENT: Activists are still attacking and beating up the activists in #Anata . Activits are surrounded, Head to #Anata and help!!

Settlers near #Anata attacks activists again. Many activists are hurt after the brutal attack including @Stavitsinai

Police is asking: please don’t stand on the road. But they’re doing nothing about the violence

Hectic phone calls from @activestills sounds like a major riot at anatot near Jerusalem as settlers attack unarmed demonstrations

Settlers are attacking the demo now. At least three injuries from settler rocks

#NOW #Palestine follow>>>RT @justjerusalem: Settlers kicking a female activist

Earlier this morning 3 Palestinians and 1 international activist were violently attacked by settlers from Anatot

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